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I try my best to write often, but sometimes parenting gets in the way. So instead of stopping by the site every 10 minutes to see if there is a new post (I do appreciate it), why not subscribe to get new posts emailed right to you?

Technology rules.

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Book Of The Week - Sophie’s Terrible Twos

Book Of The Week – Sophie’s Terrible Twos


We hit the library today for a new batch of books. How does the library system know that three weeks is exactly how long it takes for me to get sick of reading certain books again and again?

Anyways, grabbed a new stack today and a few are already becoming popular.

This one in particular, I picked up simply for the fact that maybe it will shed some light on the terrible twos, which we are…

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Hockey Season Just Got Better For Rogers customers #RGCL

Hockey Season Just Got Better For Rogers customers #RGCL

Are you enjoying the roll out of Rogers new NHL machine? Want to see even more?

If you are a Rogers customer, it looks like you can.

Here are two awesome pieces of news for the hockey lover in your family.


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Review - Mattell #BOOMcoBLAST Rapid Madness Blaster

Review – Mattell #BOOMcoBLAST Rapid Madness Blaster

Is there anything more fun for kids than toy guns? They have come so far since I was little. Nerf has always been the big player in toy guns, and now Mattell is jumping into the mix with their BOOMco line of toys.

Before I start, for those who know me, I have always been against toy guns, in particular, the ones that shoot darts or any kind of bullets. I got hit in the face as a kid and it hurt,…

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4 Simple Tips for Fall Fun Giveaway

4 Simple Tips for Fall Fun Giveaway

Do you love fall? Do you love shifting your life from the warm summer days to cozy autumn evenings?

LTD Commodities wants to share a few tips with you for fully embracing the season, including cozying up your bedroom and getting outside for weekend activities.

They even want to give a cooking-themed package to one of our readers to help get you all set for fall.


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Making Baby Safety A Priority

Making Baby Safety A Priority

baby safety

As a parent who has survived the baby years, a common question I get asked a lot is about how we went about baby-proofing our home.

The difference between our first and second child was quite different. The reason, we learned what was actually needed. Making baby safety a priority is a no-brainer for new parents, grandparents, friends or anyone who will be taking care of the little ones.


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Top 5 Shows Our Kids Are Watching

Top 5 Shows Our Kids Are Watching


TV and kids. You want to avoid it, but at the end of the day, it’s going to happen (unless you don’t have a TV).

So it becomes the parent who has to decide what is best for the kids to watch. You want to find the right mix of entertainment and education. It can be tricky that’s for sure.

Our boys get a few hours of TV over the course of a day and we are okay with that. It gives us a chance to…

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Oct 9

This Dad Is Thankful

This Dad Is Thankful


With Thanksgiving, or Turkey day, happening this weekend, it seems like a great time to actually sit down and write all of the random things I am thankful for. Feel free to share yours in the comments or on the Facebook page.

This Dad is Thankful for:


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Oct 7

The timing could not have been better.

We just moved into a new place with hard wood floors as far as the eye could see. It was not dirty by any means, but could use a polish.

Thankfully, at the very same time, I was contacted to join the #ManClean movement sponsored by Swiffer.

The whole point of the campaign is to give men some much-needed cred for keeping clean around the house. Dads everywhere also love to vacuum, dust and tidy. Why hide it?

I certainly do my fair share of cleaning up after the kids.

So it was the perfect time for a package of Swiffer products to arrive at the door.

The prize of the bunch was a Swiffer Wet Jet. You know the one, you shoot cleaning fluid on the floor and wipe it up as you go. Plus it makes a cool robotic noise as you do it.

There was the classic dry Swiffer and a Swiffer duster that extended so you can reach all those high and dusty spots.

We have had Swiffer products before, but not like this. The Wet Jet was too good to be true.

On top of all of this, I got to interview the ambassador of the whole #ManClean movement, Amir Johnson. Yes that Amir Johnson. The guy who plays for the Toronto Raptors.

Here is my quick take on each product.

Swiffer Wet Jet

It had some assembly and it needed batteries, but after that I was off to the races. You have pads and you also have some extra strength pads for mega cleaning.

Once you pop in the cleaning fluid, you just tap the button to spray on the floor while swiffering. There were no stains that survived.

Once I was done the floor was shiny and the air smelled fresh.

The Wet Jet is ideal for the kitchen or bathroom where there is likely sticky stuff that won’t come off unless damp.

The only downside I can see is running out of the liquid and having to buy more.

360 Duster

Our place is one of those 100-year-old homes. High ceilings, lighting fixtures and each doorway has a shelf on top. That’s a lot of places for dust to settle. Being a tall guy, I see all that dust. Now I have a tool to get it.

The duster is just like the floor swiffer as it grabs the dust and holds on to it. No more just moving dust around. You actually collect it.

I used it on the TV, the ceiling, frames and more. Worked like a charm.

I found it hard to get the swiffer thing to stay on the duster, but once you master that it works pretty well. It extends so anyone can reach pretty high.


We have all used this one right? Perfect for wood floors to keep them clean. Kids can track in all kinds of stuff from outside, so one quick swiffer before mom comes home and you look like a hero.

No real downside other than when you catch a nail on old wood floors.

All Clean

That’s it. That is how I #ManClean with Swiffer products.

Oh the bonus of these gadgets, the boys love to help.

They grab their swiffers and walk around the whole place. I do have to take the cleaning stuff out of the Wet Jet or they would use it all up.

Have you tried any of these products? Are you part of the #ManClean movement?

Let me know.

The opinions above are my own. The provided product did not influence my thoughts.

All Moved In, Time to #ManClean The Place The timing could not have been better. We just moved into a new place with hard wood floors as far as the eye could see.
Oct 6

Well Hello There Terrible Twos

Well Hello There Terrible Twos


I have heard about it but never experienced it. The Internet says it is real, but can you believe what you read?

Today, I got a very slight glimpse of what many have spoken of.

The terrible twos they call it.

Our youngest, turned two on Friday and over the last few days, it is like he did some research on how he is supposed to wield this new age at us.

Small things like disagreements, not…

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